Audio/Video Presentation

The following image shows a tri-frame Windows Media presentation designed for viewing in a browser. The presentation could be delivered over the Internet, Intranet, or on a CD ROM. It was developed with Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Windows Media tools, Javascript, and HTML.

This format allowed clients to widely disseminate critical information rapidly and to a broad audience, reducing travel expenses. It also ensured the message was standardized for all audiences.

Screen Layout

The following graphic shows the presentation layout in the browser window. It consists of the Windows Media Player in the top left frame, the interactive table of contents in the lower left frame, and the slides (synchronized with the video) in the right frame.

Streaming media window


  • Audio plays automatically when the presentation begins.
  • Slides change automatically as the audio plays.
  • To move to a certain slide, make a selection from either the Go To bar on the Windows Media Player or from the Table of Contents frame. The audio automatically adjusts to the correct place if you jump ahead or go back to a previous slide.